Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mini Lush Haul

So today I went to Southampton for the first time since Christmas to finally do some shopping for myself (yipee!) and of course, being a sucker for lush products, I had to pop in and buy some old favourites and also, test out some different things!
Also, sorry if the images are pretty low quality, my camera died and I've had to use my iPhone!

I actually only bought 4 products this time as I've had to start restricting my spending because of car buying etc (oh the joys of turning 17 on Friday), but I'm pretty pleased with what I did get. I'll start off with the products I purchased today that I've never used before;

Dreamtime Bath Melt

Butterball Bath Bomb

The first product that caught my eye in the shop was the lush Butterball Bath Bomb, I tend to get
extremely dry skin in the winter months and I'm always looking out for products to give me a moisture boost. This one seemed perfect as it was advertised as replenishing thirsty skin. The smell is absolutely delicious, it has a hint of vanilla, one of my favourite scents around winter. I cannot wait to try this one out to see if the cocoa butter ingredients help to revitalise my dry skin! My only downside about this bath bomb is that it won't turn my bath a pretty colour... sigh.
The Dreamtime Bath Melt was actually a product I've been wanting to try out for ages since I spotted it on the lush website. I'm an absolute sucker for lavender as it always reminds me of my Grandmother and is the only thing that helps me sleep on the nights in which sleep seems impossible. SO... this product seemed like a must have as not only does it smell of lavender, it aids sleep!
Just as a warning, if you're not a fan of lavender, I'd stay away from this as the smell is rather strong and I imagine, quite overwhelming for some! I adore the design of it too, you can see the pieces of chamomile (I think?) in the bar and it has 'dreamtime' stamped on the bar (which you can't actually see because well, crappy iPhone quality!) , once again, a simple but sweet design by lush. I cannot wait to try this one, I think it may be a new favourite!

Think Pink Bath Bomb

The Comforter

Now for the tried and tested!
The Think Pink Bath Bomb was actually the first bath bomb I purchased from lush, I was automatically drawn in by its pretty colours and flowers. I tend to always buy this one as it's incredibly cheap at only £2.50 a pop, and smells lovely! It's quite a light, florally scent and definitely isn't as overwhelming as a lot of other lush products seem to be, but I quite like that as it gives me a relaxing bath without a really strong scent. This is the one I seem to use when I'm feeling pretty, well, bland! My favourite thing about this product is definitely the little heart confetti that's inside, it makes my bath feel a bit more special and luxurious (the fact that they dissolve by the end of it is a plus too, means no mess!)

Finally, one of my favourite all year round lush products, The Comforter! I think I've lost count of how many times I've purchased this Bubble Bar. Once again, the first thing that drew me too it was the bright colours, and the smell is divine. It brought back childhood memories of my favourite blackcurrant sweets and it's quite a nice smell to use in winter as it really lifts my mood with its fruity fragrance. At £4.50 I initially thought it was pretty expensive for one use, until I discovered it's for multiple baths!
Lush actually recommend you crumble half a bar at a time, but I've found I can get 4-6 baths worth out and still get the gorgeous pink colour and the blackcurrant smell. This bubble bar actually does what the name says - comforts you! I always use it when I'm stressed out or just need to take a breath, and I always leave the bath feeling calmed and comforted!

Hope you enjoyed this post, comment below with your favourite lush products!
Until next time,