Sunday, 9 February 2014

Urban Decay Naked Palette

As you may know, it was my birthday last week. My godmother and aunt gave me vouchers to buy the beautiful  Naked palette. I've wanted to own one of Urban Decays amazing palettes for god knows how many years, but I've always though £37 was too much to spend on makeup. Especially as a young 14/15 year old without a job!
Now I know that these palettes are actually a fairly reasonable price for what they are (not to mention that they come with an amazing shadow primer!). They are very pigmented and require little product on the brush to get a strong colour. The brush is incredibly soft and good quality, no bristles have come out whilst using it and it isn't rough on the skin at all.
With the beautiful neutral colours in the Naked Palette, there are so many different ways to combine them, with day looks and night looks.
I've always been fairly nervous with using eyeshadows, always being afraid of going too over the top, so this purchase is actually perfect for me. I like that there's a mix of matte and shimmer shades, meaning I can be as subtle or outgoing with my look, whilst still keeping it fairly neutral.
I attempted to do a swatch of this palette, but my pale skin has kinda hidden Virgin and Sin, sorry!
The shades I've fallen in love with are buck - a matte, warm brown colour, half baked - a shimmery golden colour that's going to be perfect for Summer and Creep - a black with flecks of silver glitter. However, I can honestly say there isn't a shade on this palette that I dislike and would stay away from, which I find really rare in any make up palette.
I absolutely adore everything about this product, from the velvety box to the soft, wide brush to the beautiful range of natural colours. I would recommend this to anybody, whether a make up pro, or just starting with it, as it allows you to take your look as far as you're willing too.

An Evening and Daytime look that I created with the Naked Palette, having a brain like a sieve I can't actually remember what colours I used - whoops!

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