Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Staying Positive

Hey everyone I'm back! I thought today I'd share with you a few ways that I try and stay positive giving the difficulties that have popped up lately.

Unfortunately, I tend to be rather pessimistic and so I have to try my hardest to stay positive, especially when things aren't so easy. Over the years I've discovered ways in which I can stay optimistic, and I thought I'd share a couple here!

Whenever I feel like I'm struggling in some aspect of my life, I grab my journal and I write. It's never anything structured or grammatically correct, just what I'm feeling. I always feel that once it's down and on paper my feelings are easier to control as I can analyse and figure out what has caused the issues and how I can fix them.
I feel writing is a quite important thing to help me stay optimistic as I can literally read my problems on a tiny piece of paper. That makes them a lot easier to manage than swimming around in my head.

Looking back at memories.
As much as I hate to say it (for the worry of sounding spoilt and selfish) I have days where I feel like I have nothing and I do nothing and just generally feel inadequate. That's when I run to my memory box and pick out the items and albums (like this one). In a busy college/work life it's very easy to forget all you've experienced, so collecting images and little pieces from all the wonderful places you've visited really reminds you of all you have. Not only that but looking back on past photos just brings back the happy memories and puts me in a wonderful mood.

I've always been quite a book-ish person and so whenever I feel stressed or upset my first reaction is to grab a book. When I read I tend to go into a completely different zone and immerse myself into the world I'm reading about. I find this a major help to keep me optimistic as after a few hours of reading I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on any problems I've been having. Obviously, If you don't particularly enjoy reading, there's always watching films and youtubers or listening to your favourite music. All of those seem to have a similar effect, reading is just the preferred for me!

Writing Lists
This is one I tend to use when I'm stressed over deadlines more than anything else. When you have multiple jobs that need finishing, it can become overwhelming and scary to begin them all. I've found that writing lists of the things I have to do (from eating lunch to writing an essay) gives me a lot more motivation as being able to tick the boxes and see the jobs decreasing takes a lot of the stress away!
On the topic of multiple jobs that need doing, I try to start with the most difficult so that later on in the day I'm not facing the tough challenges.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it's helped in some way (especially with AS Level exams coming up in a few months!)
I'd love to hear how you unwind and stay positive, feel free to comment with some tips!
Until next time