Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favourites

Another month, another favourites list. It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the new year and now here we are, about to go into March. Is it just me or is this year going even faster than usual?

This month my favourites consist of some brand new products and some old gems that I've rediscovered.
~Also, I'm really sorry these pictures turned out so badly, rubbish camera quality!~

 First up this month is the Molton Brown Skinboost 24 Hour Moisture Mist. I included this in my best and worst skincare and beauty products post last month. I absolutely adore this, it's like a tiny bottle of magic. I use it when my skin feels dry and looks pretty dull, after a few sprays my skin feels hydrated and smooth and looks more 'alive' I guess haha! It's definitely become a staple part of my skincare routine, I just can't believe I had it for so long without realising how amazing it is.

 Next up is a new purchase from this month. It's the Real Techniques Powder Brush (£10.99). I'm probably the only beauty blogger in the universe that has never purchased a Real Techniques brush, so with a tiny bit of money spare from my Brighton shopping trip (post coming soon!) I thought I'd finally give one a go. After getting rid of my horrific Maybelline powder I thought I should buy a decent powder brush to celebrate a better powder. It's safe to say I haven't been disappointed, the brush is super soft yet still blends in the powder really well, and the handle is lightweight so is really easy to use. Overall it is an amazing product and I think I'm definitely going to be buying more from the collection, especially for such a reasonable price.

Another product that happened to appear in my shopping haul from Brighton - The Urban Decay Naked Flush Palette (£22.00). I seem to have developed an obsession with Urban Decay this year, especially their Naked collection. I've never been a girl to be worried about contouring in any shape or form, the furthest I'd go would be a bit of blusher. 
After falling in love with this palette's sleek packaging and the gorgeous shades, I thought it might be worth a go. 
I use this quite often now as the formula for all three products is incredibly smooth and creamy, lasts all day and really does make a difference! I had a slight worry about the shades as I'm extremely pale, but as I've found out you can make the colour as subtle or dramatic as you want (a good feature for a bronzer newbie like me!), I definitely couldn't live without this when it comes to my make up.

And finally, my tv and film favourites of the month! 
So Teen Wolf has been around for a while now, and after constant gif sets and prompts from a friend I decided to start watching it. Safe to say I'm in love. The characters are amazing and the story lines are great (even if they do rip my heart out). I'm two episodes from being caught up and I can say it's one of the best shows I've seen. If you're a fan of the whole ~fantasy~ kinda genre, you should definitely watch it. (Plus Dylan O'brien is just perfection)

Now the big one. CAMP TAKOTAAAAAAAAAAA! When it came out that the trinity were making a film, I think I died slightly. It seemed that February 14th was slowly creeping up and I couldn't contain my excitement. When I finally received the email and watched it, I was in no way disappointed. The perfect mix of fuzzy feels, hilarious one liners and tear-jerking scenes has created one of my favourite movies of all time. I think I've watched it around 30+ times since Valentines Day, oopth?
If you haven't already you should definitely go buy it! (it's only $9.99, which is like what £6? Major bargain.)

I hope everyone had a great February, what are some products that you've been loving?
Until next time!