Sunday, 16 March 2014

Brighton Trip

So, I've written this post about 10 times, but today I am finally going to finish it. On February 19th (I know, this is super late) I went to Brighton, a place that I've fallen in love with over the past few months, as it's so cute I thought I'd share my day with you!

The first stop on our trip was the beloved bric-a-brac shop that's hidden in the lanes. It's one of my favourite places, purely because they sell everything from suits of armour to fur coats to vintage Dalek's and amazing suitcases. The shop itself is huge and made up of tons of different individual sellers displays, it's such a quirky layout and gives the impression of an 'organised mess'. I love how different one corner is from the next- oh and upstairs they have incredible vintage and hand made clothing that is so beautiful (and super expensive, oh the downside of being a poor teenager).

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Our next stop was the incredible West Cornwall Pasty Co. . Now, when I found out we were going to Brighton again, I was super excited to find a cute cafe that sold pretty little sandwiches and cakes, not once did I think about Pasties. My god am I glad we did though. They are so tasty, they range from your bog standard (but delicious) cheese & onion, to the slightly more unusual Chicken & Spicy Chorizo (also delicious). and seeing as they cost around £4 and are super filling, it was definitely a good choice!

Just across the road from the pasty shop, there is the cutest little vintage book shop. I adore reading and book stores are one of the few places that help me relax and unwind. So of course, I was in my element here. After like half an hour of marvelling at the awesome selection, we finally picked up a couple of books, I bought a collection of Hans Andersens fairytales that was published in around 1929 and is super pretty.

Whilst on the conversation of literature, Brighton is full of comic book stores, it made our forbidden planet in Southampton look totally inadequate. We found around 3 in walking distance of each other and of course, we then spent ages freaking out                                                   over all the merch and fantastic comics! Oh to be                                                 near a comic book store, the things I could buy...

Red Velvet cupcake from my IG
Before I show you all what I spent all my money on I feel you should all know about the incredible yummy-ness that Angel Food Bakery. It's a gem hidden in the lanes that we found kind of hard to get to, but the cakes make it so worth it! I went there first in October on recommendation from a friend and it was incredible. The cakes are so so delicious, and the icing isn't overly sweet which is fab because it's the thing I hate when it comes to cupcake shops. And the fact that they're like £2 is incredible, but fair warning they are so so moreish.

And last but not least, time to talk about the mini haul that I came back with from the day. 
I think it comes as no surprise to you all that I visited Lush, I'd try to cover and say I only bought like two bath bombs, but I actually bought around six. The Brighton Lush shop is super cute and all of the bath bits looked extra good! In the end I came home with Dreamtime, Ceridwen's Cauldron, Lord Of Misrule (Limited Edition so no link to the site!), Avobath, Blackberry Bath Bomb and Honey Bee. Thank god for budgeting and friends stopping impulse buys, otherwise I'd have come home with only Lush products!

I finally got around to purchasing a new powder. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is fantastic and so much better then my Maybelline Fit Me powder. As a congratulations for finally moving away from that horrible product, I thought I'd also buy myself a Real Techniques Powder Brush, I can safely say it's flawless. The bristles are super soft and it evenly distributes the powder to give my skin an amazing finish. Since Brighton I may have encouraged a Real Techniques obsession as I've bought two since - but that's for another day...

We somehow ended up near a Debenhams, which is never a good thing because Debenhams means Urban Decay, and Urban Decay means I spend all my money. I've had my eye on the Naked Flushed Palette for a while now and as it was triple points on beauty products, I just had to buy it. I actually wrote a bit about it in my February Favourites Post.

Finally I picked up a couple bargain every day clothing pieces. On the left of the picture you can see the flannel shirt. I absolutely adore it and I wear it quite often with a black skater dress just to give me an extra something to keep a look casual, and for £5 I can't complain. It's super comfortable and is a Mens fit, so super baggy! And then I just picked up a baggy jumper for casual wear, once again for £5. It's nothing special but it's super comfortable and will be perfect for days when I can't really be bothered with my outfit!

I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry if it was a bit long? 
Idk it was hard to write!