Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Primark False Nails Review

Over the past few years, Primark and I have developed a very intense love - hate relationship. I've had issues with a lot of products from there, yet others have become absolute favourites. My main gripe with our local store is how messy and disorganised it is, but seeing as it had all been redone in the past few months I thought I'd check it out.
Now I have quite long nails as it is, but I am absolutely terrible with painting them. I get impatient and bored, if I somehow manage to paint and dry them properly, it's almost a guarantee that I'll pick off the varnish. So for a while I was having shellac done, which I personally loved. However as it does, money and lack of time meant I had to stop having it done. 
Last Monday I was just having a little wander around the shop when I spotted the adorable cat false nails (middle bottom of picture) and completely fell in love with them. Half impulse, half 'they're only a pound so if they're naff it's not put me out of pocket' I bought them and rushed home to apply them. I have to admit I didn't have high hopes for the product, thinking they'd maybe last a few hours?
I was pleasantly surprised to find out they had in fact last me over a week. I'll admit, I did have to reglue three or four of them, but seeing as I constantly have to peel off price labels at work and wash up at home, I'm extremely happy with how long they've lasted. It also helps that they didn't look tacky, I think I've had four or five compliments over how good they look, some people even assumed they were salon done!

Today I popped back into town and bought the four more you see in the picture, so I'll be road testing them over the next few weeks. They have tons and tons more absolutely gorgeous patterns and block colours so I'd recommend these massively!

Thanks for reading!